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About Us

About Us

President — Chadwick B. VanValkenburg

Cell: (720) 233-5430

Chadwick B. VanValkenburg is responsible for our technician and engineer service delivery to clients in the greater metro Denver area. Prior to Zero Point, he worked at Venturi Partners as a Senior Systems Engineer. Chadwick has over 15 years (Since 2001) of IT consulting experience, managing clients ranging from large industry (US West's Financial Department, Great West Life) to burgeoning small- and mid-size businesses (Karsh Fulton Gabler Joseph PC, McCannon Tyler & Associates, and Buehler Companies). He has been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 2001 and is currently a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), as well as a Microsoft Solutions Associate (MCSA).

Vice President — Craig E. Bowie

Cell: (720) 232-6312

As the company's vice presidents, Craig Bowie manages Zero Point's Microsoft Certified Partner relationship and has done so for more than two decades. A Microsoft Certified Professional since 1996, Craig is currently a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) with over 35 years (since 1980) of hands-on programming, technology support, and management experience. Prior to co-founding Zero Point, Craig Bowie served nine years as the Director for Professional Services of Venturi Technology Partners and was a Store Manager for Egghead Discount Software an additional seven years.